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Ode to the Suffering Church

A poem written as a project for Holy Apostles College and Seminary, CHH 300: Church History, Spring 2022.

"Christ has died, Christ is risen,

Christ will come again.

This we're taught throughout the years,

And This I tell you, Friend:

That Christians who have faith alight,

They gaze upon their shores,

They look up to the stars at night,

They take their knee to floor.

And this they've done, they've worshipped here,

They settle in their ways,

They take to practiced so dear,

They look to the end of days.

Push away! Push away!

Indeed the Romans did,

But alas! to their dismay,

'Twas their gods who backslid.

Through Constantine, by God, they had,

No surer, better shot,

Great tidings, what news, so glad!

Their freedom they had got.

But trials come, and trials go,

They're Christians, are they not?

So the history will show,

the battle's one that's fought.

So come away from what's been learned,

From moments since bygone,

No matter how the tide has turned,

We always look to dawn.

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