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Founder and Writer, Christian Patin, on his wedding day

First and foremost, thanks for checking out Cathlogic! I am so excited to have the pleasure of sharing my thoughts about our precious Catholic faith with you, and with everyone else! Here is a little bit about me, and why I'm here!

My name is Christian Patin. I am a Catholic, born and raised in California (a cross to bear), I have a beautiful Catholic wife, Emily, who I married in January of 2016, and a precious daughter, Genevieve, who was born early December of 2016. They are my vocation, my greatest loves, and my biggest inspirations (aside from Christ, of course).

Even at a young age, I had always had a special affinity for the Holy Church. Despite my falling away from the Church in my late teens and earliest twenties, and falling into a life of regrettable sin, I felt compelled to defend the Church. I loved the Catholic faith, I loved her faithful, and I loved her sacred traditions. As I grew in the faith however, and began to think more freely for myself, I noticed some very problematic things. More and more, I noticed what I would later come to know as "liturgical abuses," and, perhaps more deeply concerning, "invalid masses." Not to mention the deacons, priests, even bishops who were battering my blessed faith into something I truly did not believe in.

Before I met my bride, I was already on my path to seek out these false Catholic teachings and to bring them to light. Saint Pope John Paul II was right, the New Evangelization was incredibly necessary, and it wasn't being done. The intent of the New Evangelization was, in essence, to re-catechize and reform the faithful who were falling away. The most unsettling part was that they weren't falling away because they didn't believe. In fact, they were falling away because they didn't know. More and more often, I found myself debating fellow Catholics about what should be matters of fact. Our veneration of the Blessed Mother, the doctrine of contraception and birth control, the reception of the Blessed Sacrament by the divorced and civilly remarried; the list goes on and on. It became abundantly clear what I was to do.

By the grace of God, I met my wife; a strong, faithful, and loving Catholic woman born unto a large family (of six other siblings, all of which being men and quite intimidating, but I digress) who sought the things of God, who sought a faithful man, and who saw that man in me. It was only then that I truly embraced the calling I already knew I had. Because of my bride, I found the courage to embrace God's will, and turn away from the sinful life that I had been living. I became fervent in my search for true Catholicism, and it was by the same grace that led me to my bride that I began to uncover what was never really hidden.

It's not all that hard, really. The true Church is described in the Creed; the true Church affirmed in the Dogma, Doctrine, Law, and Disciplines; and the true Church is made abundantly available in the Sacraments. For these reasons, I have resolved to remain a passionate, obedient, faithful and radical follower of our Christ by the only logical (and reasonable) conclusion that any man should come to: His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I hope you join me as I explore our faith from a position of logic and reason. I don't claim to be a canon lawyer nor a decorated theologian (although that is a life-goal), but I simply hope to offer my perspective using what I know to be true. Having said that, I ask of everyone who graciously takes the time to check out my work to keep me accountable. I always seek to live out my faith correctly, and if you can offer suggestions, I'm happy to consider them.

Until next time, I remain Yours in Christ.

- Christian Patin

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