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Enjoy A Little Sacred Silence With These Awesome Catholic Teethers!

My wife and I are always looking for new Catholic products to bring home. It’s always a safe bet that, after Mass, I’m at the Catholic gift shop to see if there are any new arrivals. Often, I manage to add to my collection of sacramental and trinkets; but lately, I’ve found a lot of really cool stuff online.

For a while, I was relying on Etsy to find cool Catholic small businesses that I wanted to support—that’s how I found the first review item I wrote on. Recently, however, I was turned onto, which is an Etsy-type online store for Catholic goods. And although it sounds very niche, there are tons of good, Catholic items for sale. As I was perusing the site, my wife reminded me that we wanted to find some quiet Mass toys, and maybe a teether, too. Genevieve, our nine-month-old, has really vocalized her teething discomfort lately.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long to find Little Praying Hands, and their awesome line of food-grade silicone teething products. After contacting the owner and gaining some info about the product, I was excited to try it out. After all, what better toy for a baby than a starter kit for devotion to Our Lady? Not to mention practicality, affordability, safety, and ingenuity.

As I was mulling over what I would write in my review, I realized that my wife is with Genevieve most of the day. So, I decided to ask Emily to write a review of her own for the Little Praying Hands Rosary Chew that we bought. Here’s what she said:

When we are praying, Genevieve always tries to grab the Rosary out of my hands. I love that she’s interested in it, but I really don’t want her chewing on the glass beads and I don't want her breaking it and creating a choking hazard. Genevieve always wants whatever she isn't allowed to have! Even at such an early age, she can see that there’s grass on the other side of the fence, too.

I told Christian I wanted to find a Rosary that was durable enough for her to chew on. A quick search brought us to Little Praying Hands Shop on (They also have an Etsy store). I loved that the Rosaries in their shop were made specifically for teething babes out of food-grade silicone.

We ordered one, and Genevieve LOVES it. I keep it tucked away from the rest of her toys until we are praying at home or at Mass. I want to try and keep it interesting and special for her. As Genevieve gets older, she is much more active and is making a lot more noise during Mass. When she drops it on the pew, it's no big deal because it doesn't make a lot of noise. The bright colors and squishy, chewy beads are just perfect.

I highly recommend any mom with a teething baby look into getting a teether from Little Praying Hands. She makes beautiful, functional, and good quality teethers, and she's Catholic to boot! Its an amazing responsibility to have a young one that we are responsible for forming well. As we aim to grow in our faith, it is a high priority for us to set those habits into motion for our children. There is nothing better than seeing my sweet babe holding onto a Rosary and thinking it is the coolest thing ever. #Goal #Dontcry #Prayinbaby

Needless to say, I recommend this product for any family who is looking for good quality teething toys, or are simply tired of all the racket that other baby toys make. In Mass, these are perfect toys to keep the little ones occupied, and, as a bonus, they’re great exposure of the faith to the kids.

Professionally, Little Praying Hands is incredibly courteous and friendly. They were more than happy to answer any questions we had about the rosary, and were more than accommodating when it came to color, style, and just about any other special touch you might like. Little Praying Hands was even gracious enough to offer Cathlogic readers a special promo-code for a discount on your very own rosary, "ring chew," chaplets, or any other products you might enjoy. When you order, simply enter the promo-code, CATHLOGIC2017, when you check out for 10% off your order. To sweeten the deal, this code works for their Etsy Store and their PetersSquare store, so whichever store you prefer, you'll enjoy the same awesome discount! The code will work through the end of November, 2017.

As a side note, keep an eye out for an upcoming giveaway from Little Praying Hands! They have been kind enough to offer a free item as a giveaway to help promote Cathlogic, and, of course, to express the awesome quality of their products! Give them a look today!

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