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Ode to the Suffering Church

A poem written as a project for Holy Apostles College and Seminary, CHH 300: Church History, Spring 2022. "Christ has died, Christ is...

The Confessions: A Review of Books 1-3

Foreword: For this book report, the aim is to recount what St. Augustine writes in his Confessions, a 13-book volume detailing his...

The Problem of Individuation

ATTENTION: IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE ABOVE VIDEO, PLEASE CLICK HERE. This project has been submitted for the Fall 2021 Semester of PHS 414:...

Did the Catholic Church Invent Sin?

“For the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many” (Mt. 7:13, RSV). This is the...

Mariology: A Brief Overview

A short review of Mariology in the Catholic Church with special regard for Mary’s perpetual virginity (CCC., 499-501; 510), a weekly...

How To Defend Doctrine

My posts have been scarce as of late. Mainly, that’s because I am still getting a feel for the best ways to juggle work, family, and this...

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